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squeak and creak on rear drivers's side

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My 06 GC SE squeaks and creaks from the drivers rear wheel side when making a slow left turn. This happens specially in the morning upon start up. Dealer has lubricated the shocks there but to no avail. He says it maybe the brakes, metal, not ceramic right now.

There is also a faint squeak when passing a hump.

Anybody have tips or the same problem?
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I don't know if you have leaf springs or coil, but any place of attachment could be a potential creak point. I believe there may be a sway bar type gizmo on the rear of some vehicles, same thing. If you really have questions about the shocks, you can disconnect the bottom bolt possible and get it out of the way and see if it make the noise anyway, to eliminate it. Did he lube the top and bottom attaching bolts?
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