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Couldn't find too much on this so I'd thought I'd contribute with the success I just had with mine.

It looked like the 2 problem pan bolts I had were already stripped from what I could tell. The pan was gooped pretty good. Fortunately, the bolts are only HALF as deep as the bolt channel (female threads) in the transmission! I went to the HARDWARE STORE (not Home Improvement or auto part store) like ACE and found the exact metric bolt with flange, 10 mm head, 8, 1.125 thread but twice as long. Sorry, I don't have the measurement for the length but you can bring your old one in. It was almost twice as long.

I put both of them in the stripped holes and success! I was able to torque them to 120 inch lbs. like all the rest!

I didn't have to drop the pan again and deal with all the fluid or anything. I just installed the new longer bolts and re-torqued everything.

It's almost like they purposely used the shorter bolts just in case this happened. I just wanted to throw this option out there for someone to try because the other ones require quite a bit more work and time.

The torque specs are to tighten in cross pattern to 80 INCH lbs and then again in the same pattern to 120 INCH lbs.
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