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Hey everyone.

A few days ago I decided to replace the front struts on my 1996 PGV. when I got the struts apart, the left strut bearing was cracked and the right strut bearing, while intact, always made kind of a squeaking noise when I neared full left lock, so I replaced them both (and the upper strut mount hardware that bolts to the strut tower) with what O'Reilly here had in stock.

Once I got everything back together it was fine. I didn't drive it much because it wasn't aligned, though. I took it to the alignment shop the next morning.

On the way home I noticed that the right strut was making some terrible noise from the area of the bearing on the right side. Like plastic-on-platic. I could reach up into the strut tower and grab the upper coil spring seat and rotate it a bit left and right and it would cause the noise, accompanied by a grippy feeling. The left bearing felt a lot better by comparison, so I hopped on Amazon and bought a Raybestos part (just the bearing) and replaced it on the right side again.

It was silent when I took off but after about 50 miles, it started doing the same stupid thing. Its not as bad, but the noise it makes transfers into the front right corner which has a way of amplifying it and making it unbearably annoying.

I feel like something else has to be wrong here. Two strut bearings in two days? The one on the left is fine.

I'm getting tired of tearing the front suspension apart on this thing. Does anyone have a suggestion?
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