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Sunday Morning Shine

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Thought I would post some pictures of the Family Truckster this morning. Wash and wax, and new Dash Mat to keep the dash from baking in the Texas summer. I have the Weather Tech mats in all 3 rows, with their cargo mat and bumper protector in the rear well. The third row is stowed because we have a mobility scooter that we put in the back for the wifey. There is a custom cargo mat covering where the 3rd row is. New Sumitomo tires this past week. Eventually we’ll get the hood deflector, Mopar mud flaps, and the full set of window deflectors, along with window tint for driver and passenger. Wife loves the van and so do I. 55,750 miles.
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My wife loves them, it keeps me from being out cleaning the van all the time because they actually work unlike the factory units.

It was a 95 Acclaim I gave $100 for it, drove it til the 2.5L launched a rocker, then swapped in a modded 3.0/4-speed auto.
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Thats awesome, I had a 1991 as my first car, it was silver, 2.5L and I loved the damn thing. There were turbo models of the same car, not sure if those were good or not but heck I would love to find one stashed away somewhere today and drive it.
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