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Welcome. Nice looking pure white on black rims mini-van. Reminds me of my white 2017 mini-van. Especially when all waxed up.

Your pics remind me of my BIL's previous vehicle. Many years ago he restored a 66 Mustang. Had an appointment to get a formal appraisal in 3 days and guess what.... ??? Some drunk idiot flies around the corner and rear ends his beefed up highly beefed up Mustang. My BIL's insurance only paid him "stock build" at wholesale replacement value.... 0uch! Lesson learned / risk as you continue to beef up your older age vehicle as well...

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Okay, so a hot air intake, I'm thinking you're going to lose more power than you might theoretically gain up near redline.
I'm going to put a hot air intake on my van, then plumb it through an intercooler, and tag @shipo to it just for fun.
Then again, every intake is a hot air intake in Dallas, Texas.

I need to find a SWB van to hotrod.
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