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I can't say anything about Moog but I would avoid the Monroe quick struts. I installed some on my 2007 GCV a few years ago when the right mount plate rusted through. I lost just over an inch of ride height and the spring rate is weak. Since then I scrape the chin spoiler on almost any parking curb and bottom out frequently when it's more than just myself in the van. And now, roughly 40k miles later they are starting to make some noise. The noise is not horrible yet but I don't expect it to go away.

My experience seems to be common with the Monroe quick struts. I have been considering getting some KYBs as they seem to be better at least as far as ride height and spring rate. Or maybe even going with some form of Pacifica struts to boost the ride height some over stock.

Still not even the slightest noise from my presumably OE sway bar bushings at ~215k miles.
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