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Some time ago, I set my 2007 Grand Caravan SXT Automatic A/C Recirculation to default to ON. I did it by accident, as it is not documented (nor recommended) in the 2007 Owner's Manual, but I prefer it that way. I believe Chrysler's logic is that flushing the evaporator plenum with fresh air (during startup at the very least) will prevent moldy odors, which does make sense. That said, I've never had such a problem keeping my system locked into RECIRC at all times. The blower volume is greater (for whatever reason) and the cabin temperature seems to cool faster without bringing in hot outside air (I live in Florida).

I would go nuts every time I got my 2007 Grand Caravan SXT back from the shop if they had to disconnect the battery for any reason. Besides the aftermarket radio losing all the presets and settings, the A/C would revert to the factory default for the recirculation, which is to turn OFF after stopping the engine. I finally found a Dodge A/C tech at my dealer that knew how to make it default to ON, and he shared it with me. NOTE: it is unlike any other published procedure I've seen anywhere. I watched the tech do it for me; this is what he did:

To make the 2007 Automatic A/C RECIRC Default to ON, do this:

1. With the A/C on, set all three zone temperatures to "LO" with the rocker switches.

2. Turn ON the RECIRC, then press and HOLD the DRIVER zone temperature rocker switch to the LO position while pressing the RECIRC button simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Now, when you turn the engine off and restart, the system should default to RECIRC ON.

This procedure worked for me, and I couldn't be happier. That said, I am not responsible for any problems that may arise by your following this procedure. I would suggest if you're hesitant to do as I did and ask to speak to an A/C tech at your dealer.
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