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Transmission issues (4 speeds)

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I am experiencing Transmission problems with my 1996 Dodge Caravan sport with 3.8L V6 and 41TE 4 Speed Transaxle. Just recently the Transmission has begun to slip into what feels like a false neutral while shifting from 2nd to 3rd, never engaging 3rd. Then, I will let off the throttle and it will kick back into 2nd. If I accelerate again it will do the same. After two or three failed attempts at engaging 3rd it will kick into Limp-in mode and stay in 2nd gear.
I am posting this in hope that someone may have had a similar symptom and may be able to shed some light on the cause.
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You've got the right amount of tranny fluid in right?????
In what condition and how old is your battery? Saw this behavior (and P0700 codes) in slow traffic in hot weather, which disappeared after replacing a five year old battery.
Yes is in the correct level, I changed it about 8 months and not leak
The batery is relative new, I bougth them in AutoZone about one year ago more or less
Lucas transmission treatment will help... I have used it in 2 of my chrysler transmissions and it works great !! best place to get it is Walmart...
This will help any slippin issues you might have...
here is a link.
You need to have the TCM read for any stored fault codes. A dealer or tranny shop can do this for a fee. Be sure to get the CVI (Clutch Volume Index) values as this will tell you about clutch wear.

When you changed the fluid did you use +4? I have never had to use Lucas miracle in a bottle but members here and at the Allpar site rave about it. Just my $0.02.

Yes atf+4, i dont know how Lucas treatment can solve my problem, the problem maybe is the tranny solenoids?
Edit: sometimes the instrument cluster don't work correctly, only work gas gauge and temperature, but the rpm and speed not work, this problem sometimes ocurr
Getting the transmission codes read is the best way to go about it. Especially with the cost of fluids and parts that may not be necessary or wasteful the scan looks economical to me. I think the one time I inquired about it I was quoted around $100.
Update: Today have gone to review the van, so verify with computer codes, well I went to 3 places, autozone, with my mechanic and a shop specializing in transmissions, and I was surprised that in the 3 places no could read the computer codes, now not is to do you recommend? I'm confused and I begin to despair me a little
TCM codes can only be read with a DRBIII. That's pretty much a dealer tool only.......... OBDII codes are only required to present ECM codes (by legislation)....
but the check engine indicator is on, but to revise them does not give codes, previously my mechanic has reviewed them without any problem and also in autozone.
Different modules. By law, ECM codes can be read by pretty much any scan tool. Other codes can only be read by high dollar scan tools that have the factory "handshake" to read the other modules. BCM, TCM, TIPM, etc. are only readable by certain specific scan tools. CVI, etc can only be read by the proper scan tools.
For example:

"The TCM continuously monitors system performance. When a problem is detected in the electrical control or hydraulic portion of the system, the TCM stores a Diagnostic Trouble Code. Most DTCs cause the transaxle to enter limp-in or default mode. With the DRBIII Scan Tool in the Transmission portion of the diagnostic program, it constantly monitors the transmission control module to see if the system is in limp-in mode. If the transaxle is in limp-in, the DRBIII will flash the red LED.

Always begin by performing a visual inspection and then read the diagnostic trouble code(DTC's) using the DRBIII scan tool.

If more than 1 code exists, diagnostic priority should be given to the most recent code.

If there is a CCD Bus bias or communication problem, trouble codes will not be accessible until the problem is fixed. The DRBIII will display an appropriate message. The following is a possible list of causes for a bus problem:

  • open or short to ground/battery in either or both CCD Bus wires (pins 4 and 43)
  • internal failure of any module or component on the bus


DRBIII is the tool of choice.......
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Thanks, now I'll go to another shop that specializes in transmissions after leaving work.
Update: today I went to another specialist workshop and first were revised codes, but not appeared any code, then the mechanic took a stroll un the car and a turned back and told me that he "apparently" appeared codes 53 and 54, which mean those codes? because I had no confidence in the way in which obtained the so-called codes
53 Logic module internal problem
54 No sync pickup signal during engine rotation (turbo only)
54 Internal logic module fault ('84 turbo only) - or camshaft sensor/distributor timing (7)

Original is at 1980s Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge computer fault codes
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I don't believe he scanned the transmission.
End: after carrying out by a specialist workshop, and fully revised electrical system, they determined that effectively transmission had an internal trouble and today I went to pick it up and runs as if recently taken new from factory, I hope it lasts another 200 thousand miles
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