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Trouble with Fan and Wiper Wiring

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Just recently replaced the blower motor and resistor. While I was diagnosing the problem I noticed that when I pulled the relay for the blower the wipers stopped working. Now after the blower has been replaced: With the blower on, I than turn on the wipers, the blower stops. Turn off the wipers the blower works again.

Another thing I thought was odd: the ground wire of the blower goes through the switch and the resistors to the motor. There is no hot wire at the Switch. Comments?

Does anyone have specific wiring diagram for both the hot and ground? All my research did not produce diagrams the match my situation.

2000 Dodge Grand Caravan (like vehicles: /Voyager/Town and Country)
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Could a moderator move this to 3rd gen forum, where people familiar with specifics can chime in?

Welcome aboard,
It sure sounds like someone / something shorted the wiper and blower circuits together, thus when both are on the supply circuit beaker gets over loaded.
Unfortunately I don't have access to 3rd gen diagrams at the moment, someone will surely be able to help you out.
I have access to EBSCO ARRC diagrams. If you want them send me an email address to send them to via a private message. How? Click RIP at left.

The blower relay coil ground and the wiper on relay output contact use the same ground circuit inside the PDC but removing a relay shouldn't kill the other system. They are in parallel. I suspect there may be some corrosion gumming it up.
You almost have to be an electrical engineer to follow the wiring diagrams for this vehicle. It's very complex.
But they do help a lot. Did you get the diagrams you needed from RIP?

I agree with RIP and I would start with a thorough inspection of the PDC to see if there's corrosion.
You might also try different relays in case one is shorted internally.
I once had problems with my PDC and replaced it with one from a salvage yard because it damaged my fuel pump due to high resistance at one of the fuel pump relay terminals was around 20 ohms IIRC. That resulted in the fuel pump operating with insufficient current. Had I not corrected this, I'd be replacing the pump again.
Thanks for the thoughts, it's always helpful to stimulate new avenues of troubleshooting. I will send an email for the EBSCO ARRC diagrams.

At the relay plug terminal there is no corrosion. After I tear into the PDC I'll post with the results.

Any thoughts on the fact of not having power at the switch? (it seems odd the the ground and hot are reversed from normal wiring procedures.
Addendum: found this website that answers this question. Learning something new!
Just sent you 3 ground distribution, 3 power distribution and 3 A/C diagrams for your 2000 DC.
RIP, can't tell you how much I appreciate the schematics for the 2000 Grand Caravan. I own a 2000 Plymouth Voyager also and I'm sure they will be at least helpful if the time comes.
I found a selection of schematics at Auto Zone but they are no where as good as these. Thanks.

I dug into the fuss block (took it completely out) in the engine compartment last night. I did not find any corrosion. I followed all the harnesses as far as I could in the engine area - no problems.
I will start digging into the dash again with the drawings.
I have switched around the relays - all relays are working fine.
Understanding the negative switching system makes a big difference when trouble shooting.
I will post as I make progress.
Thanks again everyone.
teddybearvan (Dan)
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