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I'm deep into pulling out the entire original strut tower and replacing with a new one. Not the cap - the actual tower that is spot welded to the unibody.

When I'm finished I'll post a write up with pics.

In the meantime though - I'm wondering if there might be a TSB on this process (Sounds like the dealership does the complete replacement quite a bit). Specifically - the old tower had the body panel adhesive/sealant on the inside of the tower. The tower is actually comprised of two pieces pressed into each other and glued/spot welded. The original used a lot of panel adhesive to cover up where these two pcs meet - I suspect this is how the rusting develops - large cavities trapping moisture.

The new tower is the same - but no 'calking' around these joints - I'm wondering if its recommended to seal these areas off after its install or if Chrysler realized that this was the problem and I should keep these cavities open.

I'll try to post a pic up soon to help explain. But if someone has a TSB regarding a whole new strut tower I would appreciate a heads up.
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