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U connect message that I cannot get to go away

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I get the following message on my phone two or three times whenever I get in the car with my phone, "Uconnect would like to access your contacts and call history, do you want to accept? " My choices are "confirm" or "cancel".
This happens when I am 15 minutes into a drive,not when I first get in,so I hear the chime that I have a message, and have to fumble with the phone to see what it is, and its always this stupid message.
Now I am not sure if this is a Uconnect problem or a phone problem, I can tell you that the phone is paired with the Uconnect, so I am unsure why I get this message, and the phone works fine even if I ignore this message.
Maybe a setting on the phone is disallowing the connection? Its an Alcatel Flip if that matters.
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The first thing, confirm the choice. This should allow your uConnect to show names and not just a phone number. If you are still having issues, then depending on phone, forget the bluetooth pairing on the phone, and restart pairing again. It should have asked you that message when first pairing the phone.
Chances are it's the phone. When's the last time you saw anyone else with a flip phone? :p
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I have always had a flip phone with this van, never had this issue until now, and this only started very recently, I guess I will de-pair it and re-pair it and see if it solves the issue. I have always owned burner phones,would never consider anything else,my first was a 2G flip, worked flawlessly until they required everyone to go to 3G, they reissued me the newer version which was much lighter and much more fragile than the 2G. Then they upped the ante to "5G" , except that the 4G ones still work fine, so I upgraded to this one (4G). During all this time I owned the van, never any issues until lately. BTW I did click "confirm" but although the message goes away, it comes back, sometimes even on the same trip. Difficult though as I cannot see the buttons or the message with my driving glasses on, so I have to pull over and switch to reading glasses to see if there is a message.
Bifocals ;) My experience is that as Bluetooth modules start to fail they get flukey with the primary symptom being when the phone randomly disconnects and then reconnects because it's supposed to. Then it does it again... At that point I tell the phone to forget the car connection and get a $25 Bt>FM converter from Amazon.
sound like that is the issue. Dont know what the converter is/does but will search it. I'm just an analog guy in a digital world.
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