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2009 3.3. 255 000kms.
Things Ive replaced last 2 days.

egr valve, evap purge valve.

Ok, started noticing strong gas smell about 2 weeks ago.
Also noticed 1 out of 10 starts would shut off immediately but start 2nd attempt.
Put new ignition coil and wires on.
Put new crankshaft and camshaft position sensors on.
After those new sensors it threw P0420. This cat is only 1 year old aftermarket.

noticed I didn’t push camshaft position sensor in all the way, fixed but p0420 remained.

put an egr in. Code went away but ticking noise started that matches revs but only in drive. Doesn’t tick in neutral or park.

can rev in neutral when cold but as soon as a bit warm can’t rev in neutral at all.
Van drives good otherwise.
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