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Warped Rotors?

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I am running an 03 Caravan with about 120k on the clock. I had to replace the front pads at around 80k which I understand is not unusual. So far, they have been great. The last few months though, the brakes feel fine when starting off cold, but, after a few km I can feel a definite pulsing which gets progressively worse as the day wears on. I pulled the front wheels a month ago (cold) to have a look around ... the ceramic pads seem to be doing a great job, everything nice and clean and surpriseingly, the runout appeared to be normal. I torqued the wheels back on just to insure they hadn't been rotated by a hack when I replaced the tires at around 110k. It road tested about the same afterward, like the rotors are overheating. I am thinking the ceramic pads, since they wear so well, must be generating a bit more heat than stock pads so I'm going to replace the front rotors. Since price is not necessarily an indicator of quality I'm wondering if anyone can suggest suitable replacements. By suitable, I mean high quality at a reasonable price.
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