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Welcome To ALL

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I want to again, welcome all ( new and old) to this fantastic forum that Glen has set up for us. I know that there is a lot discussed in here and I hope that we all learn something each day from here.
One thing I have noticed and I hope that we can change it. I know we get alot of new members posting for thier first and second and third time with a question on a problem with thier van. They come in and ask a question. Many on here try to post a reply to help them. I would like to ask a few things of all of you ( new and old alike).

PLEASE Post the model, year, engine and miles on the vehicle you are asking about. The second and very important thing to me is -- AFTER you get all the answers from the members -- PLEASE come back and let us know how it is going and if the replies helped you. I see so many threads just dropped and no idea if we helped them or not. If we didn't, PLEASE don't be afraid to let us know. We may come up with other ideas and/or someone new may come in and they might have the answer. Alot of times, a KISS answer is the best one to start with and then we can go deeper if needed. Besides, if it helped you , we can know for future postings and problems.

We are not looking for a thank you from you, (although not necessary, that would be nice) only a confirmation that we helped you out or that we didn't and ( instead of being disheartened and leaving us) we needed to dig deeper to get to the problem.

Thank You for your attention and go on back to having fun. :w00t
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Howdy from the Hudson River Valley!
The name is Kira.
A pal just bought a 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan leftover.
A/O this morning it has 210 miles on it. He hasn't owned it one full day yet.
I am his "tech spear head" as I love maintaining vehicles.
Given that the previous new owner intro is 6 months old I hope this isn't a dead or dying board.
Cheers Congrats to anyone who loves the Tampa Bay Lightening and RIP to the NY Mets
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