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I want to again, welcome all ( new and old) to this fantastic forum that Glen has set up for us. I know that there is a lot discussed in here and I hope that we all learn something each day from here.
One thing I have noticed and I hope that we can change it. I know we get alot of new members posting for thier first and second and third time with a question on a problem with thier van. They come in and ask a question. Many on here try to post a reply to help them. I would like to ask a few things of all of you ( new and old alike).

PLEASE Post the model, year, engine and miles on the vehicle you are asking about. The second and very important thing to me is -- AFTER you get all the answers from the members -- PLEASE come back and let us know how it is going and if the replies helped you. I see so many threads just dropped and no idea if we helped them or not. If we didn't, PLEASE don't be afraid to let us know. We may come up with other ideas and/or someone new may come in and they might have the answer. Alot of times, a KISS answer is the best one to start with and then we can go deeper if needed. Besides, if it helped you , we can know for future postings and problems.

We are not looking for a thank you from you, (although not necessary, that would be nice) only a confirmation that we helped you out or that we didn't and ( instead of being disheartened and leaving us) we needed to dig deeper to get to the problem.

Thank You for your attention and go on back to having fun. :w00t
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hi all. newbie here, and I am really glad there is a forum dedicated to chrysler minivans. all the topics and subsequent replies are priceless!

2003 T & C 2.4L SWB I4 A/T - 80k mi
2003 T & C 3.8L LWB V6 A/T - 105k mi
:hi2: acisidro and welcome to the Chrysler Minivan Fan Club Forum. We hope your experience here is a pleasant one.

What's your vehicle repair experience level? lots? backyard mechanic? as a hobby? as employment?

Following are some tips to help with giving / receiving information when using the site:

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Including your vehicle information such as model, year, engine size and odometer reading, with your signature, will help tremendously with getting good feedback (less guesswork). Good, you have done that?
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Library Information - ARRC:
Public access to this has been changed. If your library has access to EBSCOhost Databases, then go to the Auto Repair Reference Center (ARRC), and submit your vehicle model year and take it from there.
Note: If info isn't there for your year / model, try another year or similar model.

Haynes Manual:
- inexpensive, about $30.00
- gives replacement / repair procedures
- gives maintenance schedules
- gives torque specifications
- gives fault codes
- gives information on regular maintenance
- gives information on tires
- gives information on body work
The manual is a worthwhile investment.
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welcome acisidro from a fellow newbie ... I appreciate the response u recieved from Jeepman cause I'm feelin somewhat lost in here. good luck and happy touring.

:hi2: jonbovy and welcome to the Chrysler Minivan Fan Club Forum. We hope your experience here is a pleasant one. No need to send you the other stuff, you have already seen it. :thumb:

Any questions that need answering or things that need explaining :ask_wsign
Hello everybody, Newbie here from Kamloops BC Canada.. :thumb:
Hi Bart68 (Darren) and welcome to the Forum. A fellow Canadian, eh. What's the year and engine for your Dodge minivan?.
For an extended welcome, click here.
Hi All,

I have a 2007 Town and Country with 60,000 miles on it. I bought it used last year to replace a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan with 180,000 miles on it, which replaced a 1997 Dodge Caravan. I've joined so that I can keep my new/used van in good shape and run it for at least another 100,000 miles!
:hi2: jaun162 and welcome to the Forum.
The following Threads may be of immediate benefit to you:
Hi slim1111 and welcome to the Forum. I know a fellow in Elmsdaie NS with two 1990 GCs, in terrific shape. He keeps them well maintained including rustproofing yearly. He's a member on this Forum but not an active Poster.

To advertise your vehicle and include pictures, go to this section: and create a new Thread for your 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyageur LE, 3.3L, 136,000 kms

She sounds like a prize vehicle to have. You should have no problem selling it.
Hello fuzeman and welcome to the Forum.

How's the transmission working, smooth or with some bump shifts?
First post to forum (although a veteren member of dodgeforums). Looked to this forum for more focus on minivans as opposed to all C/D products. My 2006 (profile in my sig below, per instructions!) is my third minivan. The first two were 1989 and 2003. Made the mistake of going to Windstar between those two, but learned my lesson. Not sure what I'll do after this one as I am not a fan of the changes Chrysler made post-2007 model years. Could they make the seats any stiffer?!?!? (My mom has a 2009 T&C.)

I'm an amateur DIY'er, and can do minor repairs and maintenance. Just fixed the power window regulator the other day. I do my own brakes (when I'm able to get the danm rotors off!), tuneups, swaybars, struts/shocks, etc.
Hi Dan400Man and welcome to the Forum.

A couple of Threads for your reading pleasure: :)
Hi Guys,
Just got myself a T&C yr 2007 LX model. Metallic Blue with Mileage 110K. Will need a lot of guidance in trying to restore the minivan back to it's "former glory" .
Everything else works except :
1. No Remote Fob Key but come with Manual key that can start the car. Will get one soon. Was quoted $185 for a new one.
2. Horn not working. Not sure if it's the fuse but have not check that yet.
3. Maybe need tire alignment. Just felt that it might need one.
4. Everything else works so far.

Horn may be a relay.
Alignment - likely not needed.
Hey guys. I am new to this forum. I am trying to find a solution to my wife's 2010 Chrysler Town and Country Touring van. It had a intermittent CEL code of P0846. Anybody had experience with this code?
Hi and welcome to the Forum.

You might want to pick up on this Thread:
Hello everyone,
I am the newcomer to your Community.
I own a 2001 Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3L Limited AWD with almost 290.000 km here in Turkey.
As yet, I was not able to place a picture of my car and am still working even on the profile picture...
Hi VOYAGER2003 and welcome to the Forum. We look forward to your pictures.
hello people great site just trying to navigate my way around this site . I have a 06 3.3 dodge caravan, Florida van, my folks used to own it, this is its second white inthe Maritimes it rows a small trailer with a ride on on it & a small hard top camper regards wade. From p.e.i
Hi lefty p.e.i and welcome to the Forum. Can you find your Van with all the snow you guys have over there?
Thank you Im newbie here I just bought a a chrystler min van and want to interact with ur community here, :)
Welcome. Which van do you have (year, model, engine, etc.)?
Welcome to the Forum.
Welcome to the Forum and hopefully your problems with the 2006 will get resolved soon enough. Is the growl maybe related to the A/C compressor/clutch?
Welcome to the Forum. What engine? transmission?

Do you have a Haynes Manual and/or access to data bases, such a Chilton, at a local library?

I have a Haynes Manual and may be able to help at times.
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