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Pull the moulding back to where it is still strongly affixed, clean the adhesive off both the moulding and the paint and reattach with 3M Moulding Tape. [edited] I see Jeepman has already posted this solution above, but figure I'd leave my post, since I included a picture of the 3M product.

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The 3M product is good stuff.

I've also used Loctite 414

For the 414 to work, everything needs to be very clean. Take the molding and roll it back. Apply the 414 in an even spread every 4 inches. Then apply the molding down about 3+ inches at a time and keep going till there end WITHOUT interruptions. Once this is done, it can not be undone. Apply in the shade or on a good cloudy say. The sun will cure this way too fast.

Loctite 414 is an ethyl-based cyanoacrylate liquid instant adhesive. Blows the doors off of super-glue (aka Loctite 209) any day. Must use caution and not be sloppy with it either. 414 is not typically on store shelves. McMaster-Carr is where I buy the 10z bottles. Its pricey, it works.

Should the 3M product work as well and costs less, that would be the better option.
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