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What year are these tire from?

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Tires I received on my 2002 town and country look like they have a lot of thread but they are BEAT dry rotted DANGEROUS

I can't tell what year they are from.

Please help.

Thank you, Bob
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Firestone font was all i needed to see to form an opinion. One of our Ford Transits had this happen Monday and they looked to be in good shape, well before
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Wow that sucks. Hopefully you all are OK. I see that tire is from 2020. I am replacing them with Firetone only because the one good tire is newish from 2021. They are all season model. Hopefully they are better.
Oh yeah he got it off the road and looks like the wheel survived as well. There were some Firestone recalls in 2021 for the same model tire you see in my picture, but only 18”. Got me spooked!
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