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What year are these tire from?

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Tires I received on my 2002 town and country look like they have a lot of thread but they are BEAT dry rotted DANGEROUS

I can't tell what year they are from.

Please help.

Thank you, Bob
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Thanks Dan, I am getting a couple more Thursday. I had a tire like this come apart 12 years ago and I was lucky I nothing bad other than being stuck 50 miles from home.

I don't have a spare tire because the person I got the van from forgot to send the spare with the van
I remember when I first started driving many years ago. I would have 4 different tires in different conditions and sometimes size did not matter as long as they fit on the stock rim. I did not matter then
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Wow that sucks. Hopefully you all are OK. I see that tire is from 2020. I am replacing them with Firetone only because the one good tire is newish from 2021. They are all season model. Hopefully they are better.
I'm glad you and the rim are ok. That is the exact reasoni want them off. I had 2 newer tires in front and the tire shop swotched one of the older ones up front. That is why i looked. Better off with the bad tires in the back..
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