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What's the mileage on your 5th generation?

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Since the 3rd and 4th generations have a thread about mileage, and I just hit a milestone on my 2009, I decided to start this thread for 5th generation owners.

I hope the "High Milers Club" still exist, I want to get the 200,000 mile license plate frame.

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Our 09 GC passed 125k miles last week, still running like it was when we bought it new.
Juat passed 186,000 miles
on my 2008 T&C Touring.
Up until last week I had an 08 GC that was at 216k, but as of Friday I have a '14 GC with only 32k on it
I have 144,000 on my 08 T&C. Still running good. Uses a little oil but I think it has since it was new!
Before I bought the 2016 used T&C from Enterprise last October I had never bought a used vehicle in my 69 years. Every used one listed anywhere had over a hundred thousand miles. After thinking about that and lurking here I decided that 29,000 miles on the one I bought wasn't bad. Looks like these things go forever and I put about 600 miles a year on a vehicle since I retired.

I am putting it in the will.
Bought a 2013 T&C last month with just under 38,000 miles on it. Only put on about 400 miles on it since driving it off the lot.

As a side note, I viewed this forum a LOT before making the decision. Special thanks to 1994 Sport for posting how to know if a T&C has the heavy duty brakes!
Still only about 46,000km (28,000 miles) on my 2013 DGC. No real issues as there shouldn't be on such low mileage. If I'm lucky this van will last me another 10 years and then I'm done with kids, and need for a van, lol.
I'm pretty new to the forum. I just picked up a 2013 Chrysler T&C Touring with 30900 miles.
129k. purchased with around 80k or 88k don't remember
Changed tires, changed EGR valve, changed TPMS sensors. Repaired broken wire for power lock driver side sliding door. Changed steering angle sensor. Changed the silver trim around steering wheel. Added hood ajar switch, added extened range antenna to WIN module. Soon to solder connector for that and have XBM (remote start) unlocked for it. New front and rear brakes. Soon to add Uconnect. Ordered second set of headsets and remote. Changed the VES screen ribbon cable once about to do it again.
20,000 2014
26,000 miles on a 2013 Town and Country. Bought it new with 51 miles on it.

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Just purchased a 2008 T&C Touring with 115,000.
Jut rolled 95K on out '09.
My 2012 T&C was almost five years old with 50,000 miles when totaled in Feb 2017.

I bought a left over 2016 Touring L with 4,000 miles on it and currently have 6,000.

The only noticeable difference is that I had the super console in the 2012 and have the premium in the 2016.
Just hit 26,000 km last night on my 2015.
51,000 km on my 2015 T&C.
So far so good
My Dad's 2012 TC Limited is around 149k KM and still using the OEM brakes for the front and rear.. I'm really impressed with the heavy duty brake the TC Limited has...

Anyone knows how long the heavy duty brakes supposed to last though? Is it meant to last really long though?
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2015, 54,000km
41 - 60 of 725 Posts