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What's the mileage on your 5th generation?

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Since the 3rd and 4th generations have a thread about mileage, and I just hit a milestone on my 2009, I decided to start this thread for 5th generation owners.

I hope the "High Milers Club" still exist, I want to get the 200,000 mile license plate frame.

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213000+ on our 08. Runs and drives good. Has given very little issues. Although I do have a p0420 occasional code that is becoming more frequent

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2015, just turned 50,000 km. Only problem was a wiring problem to left rear signal light. Time now for new rubber.
2010 Grand Caravan SXT just purchased with 144559 KM and 3.3L engine. Dark metallic red, at first I didn't want a red van but I love this colour.
my 2014 T&C Touring L has 67 xxx kms so far. It's been reliable so far. A few small issues but mostly resolved under warranty :)
Almost 180s 000 km GCo012:Tn a 2humbsUp:
2006 Grand Caravan: 108,000 miles.
2016 T & C: 43,000 miles.
Just turned 30,000 km.
Our 2011 is now over 100,000km
Our '14 passed 90,000 miles recently. It has required little more than oil changes and a set of tires so far. Just one trip to the dealer that turned out to be a dead FOB battery.
Ha ha!
Same here... retired and just picked up an immaculate 2016 T&C with 48k miles.
My old 2005 had 179k miles on her... she's retired now too!
104k on a 2008 GC SXT I just bought.
138k miles on our 2009 GC SXT, bought new in March '09.
2016 with 70 000kms...Banging transmission, seized brakes, cruise controls buttons failed, hot air when set to cool, air on when off(no defrost), rear wiper off window at top,
That is all I can think of right now, but I know there is more. The worst is the transmission, especially when re engaging cruise. It feels like the van is shaking/banging off the chassis!
Our 2008 T & C just rolled past 157,000. Bought it in 2015 with 105,000.
Guess it is time to trade it in. Bought it eleven months ago with 29,000 on it. And have put another 413 miles on it since then,.
112,000 Km on a 2014 Grand Caravan SXT, bought new. Replaced hood for paint bubbles (warranty), updated transmission software to fix clunking (warranty), replaced tranny cooler lines when they started to leak (frustratingly not warranty), and a toast rear wheel bearing (way past warranty). I plan on putting a lot more miles on this one...
We currently have 132k on ours. Hoping it lasts until 200k.

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101 - 120 of 725 Posts