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When RPMs drop suddenly, engine dies...

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My gen 3 Plymouth Grand Voyager is having an intermittent but recurring issue where engine will stall when RPMs drop suddenly... (e.g., when turning a corner). I've always been able to turn the key back to Aux, put the shifter to neutral and restart it (even while in motion) but this prevents anyone else not familiar with the problem from using the vehicle and it's unsafe. No codes are coming up when I tried using the instrument cluster trip meter + key method and I'd like to at least try to fix it without going to a shop... If you can suggest hoses to check or sensor modules that might be responsible that would be great. Thanks - Henry
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Simple cure. You need to either clean or have cleaned the throttle body. In particular the area around the AIS port and pintle.
Sounds like my next investment will be an obdii scanner (any favorites? - would a Scanguage II work?) - We had a mechanic look into this problem about 6 months back, and he cleaned the throttle body.
If you're looking for one to diagnose this issue don't waste your $$$ there will be no codes to see. If you want one for your general knowledge than different story. This issue is nothing more than a dirty throttle body. It needs to be removed, disassembled and cleaned and reinstalled. If you drag your feet it only takes about 30 min. If you really don't know your way around the engine bay it could take many hours. Make sure you have a new gasket BEFORE you start
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