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Wipers keep running after key removed

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It was raining tonight and I had my wipers on. After turning off the van and exiting the vehicle the wipers continued to work.... I tried several trouble shooting options.
-Played with the switch... but they keep going... low and high settings.... intermittent does not work...
- I removed fuse/relay and they stopped... wait a few minutes and replaced the relay... they started again (non stop).
- I unhooked the battery terminal... they stopped... replaced terminal and they started again...
All of this is with the key removed and the doors closed and locked....
Any help would be appreciated.....
Thanks ... Great Forum
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I had similar issues with my 3rd gen. Take apart the motor, clean all the contacts, pack it with new grease. Then checked the connector under the hood and make sure that all the pins are inserted into the connector correctly. Mine weren't and I think it was making poor connection which was causing all the issues.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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