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2012 Grand Caravan LED dome light mod.

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I knew some of you would he really charged up when you saw this. When these lights come on, the cabin really lights up.

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As you can see by these pictures, it's really not too bright. It just lights up the entire cabin very nicely. One issue that I ran into is that you need to add a ballast resistor if you want to also change out the tailgate light. If you change both the dome and tailgate to LED without the resistor, neither light will illuminate. I have not installed that yet so in these pictures, you can see the difference between the dim, "stock", incandescent bulb in the tailgate, and my modified LED array installed in the ceiling.

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The problem with a single LED replacement in the dome was that the LEDs, unlike the "stock" incandescent, are very directional. After putting in only one LED replacement, I have a very limited range of light, directly below the dome. After adding the extra 2, creating an array, it lit up the entire cabin with even light, much better.

One other thing to pay attention to is that the LED lights are polarized. This means that they only work in one direction. There is a "+" and "-" side to the bulb. If the bulb doesn't light up when you first install it, try reversing it in the socket. Also, if you you build an array as I have, test each LED to make sure you have aligned all the "+" sides together.

I hope this is helpful to some of you.
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I bought these on eBay for $7 for 6 bulbs.. Here is the eBay item number:261568614472
Shipping from California was free and the bulbs arrived fairly quickly. Hope this helps.

not sure what "other pictures" you are looking for. There really isn't anything else to show.
Just installed a set of these in my friend's 2016 Grand Caravan and he was blown away...
If anyone is interested in one, email me : lees at megahits dot com.
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